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Twelve limpets managed to leave artificial nests in the 2023 season

The nesting and breeding season of macaws 2023 ended in Punta Leona with the flight of the last of the chicks that were in the artificial nest called Panama. This happened on June 14, which concludes a very productive cycle. We are grateful for the efforts of Dr. Christopher Vaughan, creator of the Conservation Program, […]

Scarlet macaw could be declared national symbol of Costa Rica

The initiative was taken by Punta Leona to the Legislative Assembly, and thanks to the efforts of Congressman Alejandro Pacheco of the PUSC it was possible to present the Bill, whose file number is No. 23737. We believe that the scarlet macaw (Ara macao) should be a national symbol for its beauty, its ability to […]

See how our limpets have grown this season

The nesting and reproduction season of scarlet macaws this year 2023 started full of unknowns and worries, because what is supposed to start in October-November, started to happen only in January-February. However, as the weeks went by, the natural life cycle of the macaws began to take place as we know it and both artificial […]

More than 1,500 students learn to protect the scarlet macaw with Punta Leona

Students from more than 50 schools located in communities of Garabito, Bijagual, Puriscal, Tárcoles, Guacalillo, among others, will benefit from the environmental education course to learn how to protect scarlet macaws, learn about their importance in the ecosystem and the community, among others. The course is achieved through an educational book with coloring pictures and […]

2022 Scarlet macaw season concluded with 12 chicks hatching from the nest

The Punta Leona Macaw Conservation Program had a very successful breeding season during 2022, as we had the opportunity to monitor a total of 34 eggs, 20 chicks and 12 hatchlings in our artificial nests, which today are flying high in the skies of Punta Leona and Garabito. The last of the chicks, which hatched […]